Go (lang)

A great systems-oriented programming language I’ve taken up to complement Python.


Category Date Link Notes
Deep Learning Apr’17 neurgo all apparently stalled
Machine Learning Apr’17 word2vec word2vec model support
goml stream oriented ML library
Aug 13 golearn A very nice machine learning library
Data Science Apr’17 regression Multivariable regression
gophernotes A Jupyter kernel for Go
gonum/plot Plotting and visualization
gonum/optimize Gradient descent and minimization
gonum/graph Graph navigation/traversal
gonum/stat statistics package
gonum/floats operations on slices of floats
gonum/matrix Matrix algebra
go-freeling Natural language processing
scrape A simple interface for Go web scraping
csvutil CSV and tabular data
gota DataFrames, Series and data manipulation
ffjson Faster JSON for Go
gjson Fast JSON data retrieval
Sep 29 gohadoop A set of libraries to build Hadoop jobs
Web Frameworks Jun’16 echo A high-performance HTTP server framework
Jun’15 Goji A Sinatra-inspired, minimalist framework
HttpRouter A high performance HTTP router
Other May’16 Shrinking Go binaries By stripping debug symbols and using upx
Mar’16 suture A library that implements Erlang-like supervision trees
vscode-go An extension for Visual Studio Code
Mar’15 termui A terminal-oriented dashboard library
go-bindata Pack external assets into a Go program as binary data
Jun’14 Tardis Go Another transpiler to JavaScript
Apr’14 Gobot A set of robotics-oriented libraries
Feb’14 GopherJS A transpiler to JavaScript
10 Jun Lanyon A Yaki-like affair that renders Markdown files
Data Dec’15 Glow An easy-to-use distributed computation (map-reduce) system in pure Go.
Feb’15 Prometheus An all-in-one monitoring system
Nov 5 InfluxDB a metrics-oriented database.
Libraries Jan’17 viper A flexible configuration solution for 12 factor apps (and more)
Jun’16 etree An XML handling library modeled on Python’s ElementTree
Mar’15 torrent An embeddable BitTorrent library
Jan’15 mangos A network library for IPC patterns
Dec 29 gorm A Go ORM library
Sep 6 blevesearch A Lucene-like indexing library
Sep 5 gift The Go Image Filterintg Toolkit (see also this CLI interface)
go-vnc An extensible VNC protocol library
Jun 21 gen Clojure-like immutable data-structures and functional helpers
go-linq LINQ-like functionality with coroutine support
Jun 10 libchan A network-enabled abstraction that mimics channels
Oct 26 go-imap an IMAP client library
Sep 16 goworker A Resque-compatible library for background workers
Jul 28 nsq A message queueing system
Aug 23 go-dsp A digital processing package
Dialects Jun’14 funcgo A simplified dialect that compiles to Clojure
UI Jun’14 ui A platform-native GUI library
Tutorials Jan’14 Go by example A nice set of practical examples.
Apps Apr’17 dashing-go A dashboard app.
Jun’15 go read An RSS reader.