Notes For Fedora SMP Installs:

  • yum install kernel-smp-devel fixes 99.9% of your issues
  • Petr's patches are likely to fix the rest.

Ubuntu Browser Appliance Notes:

  • If Synaptic doesn't work for you, check its proxy settings (mine were set to use proxy.vmware.com...)

Windows Notes:

  • The Cisco VPN Client works through a NAT interface.
  • Always install both a bridged and a NAT interface if you have Wi-Fi on the host machine (Wi-Fi cannot be bridged).
  • Full-screen and resizable desktop support can be obtained by installing the Workstation tools.

Generic Notes:

  • The VMware Workstation tools install and run inside the guest OS, to the point of being able to shrink image files (just extract the ISOs from the Linux trial).
  • CD-ROM device designators: cdrom-image, cdrom-raw, atapi-cdrom
  • Known Guest OS designators: ubuntu, winxppro, winxphome
  • Known Ethernet Interface designators: nat, bridged, hostonly

Sample (test) configuration for adding an extra interface (the higher-performance virtual hardware for vmxnet might not be picked up by your OS, though):

ethernet1.connectionType ="nat"
ethernet1.virtualDev = vmxnet
ethernet1.vnet = "vmnet8"