Monday Mode

Got back to work, a fact mitigated only by the relative quiet enjoyed at the office and some mildly interesting new issues. Besides those, I laughed myself silly at 802.11v and the fact that it took so damn long for IEEE to acknowledge what pretty much everybody in the industry believed to be a pretty damn obvious, gaping hole in the Wi-Fi specs.

We’re long past the point where it has to deal with enough backwards-compatibility to be completely unfeasible to implement - it’s simply too damn late in the game (they could have learned a few things from the mobile industry, if they wanted to).

Had dinner, reformatted my User Interface Access , did a random walk until I came to the SANS FAQ on the WMF Mega-Vulnerability.

I use Windows on a daily basis since NT 3.1, and I’m still amazed at the amount of perfectly stupid, idiotic and downright dangerous bugs the thing has. I know that metafiles were meant to be “safe” GDI objects, but you’d expect those particular bits of code to have been tested to exhaustion by now, right?

Seems not. Take my advice, get a to save yourself hassles at home (if you’re in , prepare to brave some minor hassles getting one, with the certainty that it’s worth it). Or at the very least grab VMware and the “Browser Appliance” virtual machine (it’s small, fast and completely safe).