Link Spree

I can't wait for a vacation - even with my making a conscious effort to leave the office at a fixed time and getting eight hours' sleep, I feel tired. Not as aggravated and stressed as usual, but just as tired - which is worrisome in itself.

So here are five (somewhat stale) things that I picked up from my feeds (which, despite repeated pruning, keep piling up...)

  • 2004 for was recently updated to 11.2.5, which is something to check during the weekend. Entourage users are advised to exert caution.
  • Boot Camp also got updated, for those of you who are skeptical of .
  • Lotus/Notes finally made it to . Although this is somewhat belated, I'm curious to see whether will see a revival in the next few years or if will stick to tried and true formulas and simply use it as an alternative client for emerging markets.
  • I completely missed the eMac replacement - a cheaper, cut-down only for institutions, that I wouldn't be surprised to see touted sometime later as a generic entry-level machine - maybe even for the business segment, provided they added a bit more RAM.
  • Both VMware/Server (for Windows and ) and (for Windows) are now free. If this trend catches on and VMware decides to roll out a , it would look pretty weird if it wasn't free as well - but hey, it's their call.

Since quite a few folk have asked about it: I still haven't had time to review all my notes on , or even re-publish the plugin that Adam Manczuk sent me. I'd rather do that all in one go, which includes updating the , the downloadable file, etc., etc.

Meanwhile, folk looking for support might want to try Feisar's plugins. My own plugin is just a quick hack, and his seem to work fine (I haven't tested them myself, this is what I've been told).