Link Spree

I can't wait for a vacation - even with my making a conscious effort to leave the office at a fixed time and getting eight hours' sleep, I feel tired. Not as aggravated and stressed as usual, but just as tired - which is worrisome in itself.

So here are five (somewhat stale) things that I picked up from my feeds (which, despite repeated pruning, keep piling up...)

  • Office 2004 for Mac was recently updated to 11.2.5, which is something to check during the weekend. Entourage users are advised to exert caution.
  • Boot Camp also got updated, for those of you who are skeptical of Virtualization.
  • Lotus/Notes finally made it to Linux. Although this is somewhat belated, I'm curious to see whether CSCW will see a revival in the next few years or if IBM will stick to tried and true formulas and simply use it as an alternative client for emerging markets.
  • I completely missed the eMac replacement - a cheaper, cut-down iMac only for institutions, that I wouldn't be surprised to see touted sometime later as a generic entry-level machine - maybe even for the business segment, provided they added a bit more RAM.
  • Both VMware/Server (for Windows and Linux) and Virtual PC (for Windows) are now free. If this trend catches on and VMware decides to roll out a Mac Player, it would look pretty weird if it wasn't free as well - but hey, it's their call.

Since quite a few folk have asked about it: I still haven't had time to review all my notes on iSync, or even re-publish the 9300 plugin that Adam Manczuk sent me. I'd rather do that all in one go, which includes updating the HOWTO, the downloadable file, etc., etc.

Meanwhile, folk looking for K610i support might want to try Feisar's plugins. My own plugin is just a quick hack, and his seem to work fine (I haven't tested them myself, this is what I've been told).