Ear Drumming

Left the office early today. My Milan trip was not just beautifully mis-timed as far as work was concerned, it also coincided with the start of my usual allergy issues, further compounded by what appears to be a slight touch of the flu that seems to be doing the rounds.

So besides the usual feeling of having my head wrapped in a tight, warm turban, I now have a small ache quartet playing my ears, temples and neck, with the fourth element having the occasional go at using my eyeballs for percussion.

Since I don't (yet) have any feathers (not that avian flu is something to be taken lightly, as Declan's work can readily attest to), I am currently convinced that this is mostly a nasty mix of airplane-induced sinus trouble and allergy.

Given that, I will try to make the best of my awfully short attention span and type up a short news summary before the anti-hystamines knock me out:

  • Python is nearly at 2.5, which means that PEP308 has become a reality while I'm still stuck at 2.3 on Tiger.
  • The reactions to Boot Camp were nothing short of amazing, even from the sort of "mainstream" Mac sites that thrive on controversy and page views. Ten posts about Boot Camp in 24 hours, on the same site? Get real, people. There is so much wild speculation going on right now (including the return of the "Mac OS X for generic PCs" rumor) that the only thing I will bet on is that Apple will not do anything anyone is contemplating. Anyway, there is some nice commentary on Khoi Vinh's site (via Michael), Gruber has another kick-ass post out, and there's even a video walkthrough for Borgifying your Intel Mac.
  • Melo rang me up to talk about Parallels Workstation, which a few people had mentioned previously (by comments or e-mail). Apparently it works pretty much as advertised, and you can try out the beta for 30 days. Given the current market trends, I wonder what will happen to Parallels if VMware decides to port the free Player or if Apple decides to take the next step beyond Boot Camp...
  • I've also noticed the surfacing of the DSC-T30 and the first reviews of the 30D, which I'll try to read before nodding off tonight.

Oh, and for the record again, today was the full-blown HSDPA commercial launch of all three portuguese mobile operators - but, as usual, only one actually has cards on shelves, while others claim to have been first without a single customer on board...