Windows in a MacBook?

Prompted by this piece of news and some discussion in our neck of the woods (which is getting more and more corporate users who are interested in running portions of their, erm... "legacy" apps on their shiny new s as soon as they arrive), I spent some time looking at emerging virtualization options for on Intel.

Sorry, I have absolutely no interest in desecrating a by booting Windows (even ) natively on it.

Melo got the ball rolling by mentioning this, but Bochs doesn't cut it for me - I'd rather go with "proper" virtualization, and preferably something that can take my QEMU and VMware images.

There's nothing official from VMware yet (although there are a few bits of wishful thinking here and there) and QEMU hasn't even been ported yet, but the topic has been repeatedly mentioned as well.

The biggest issue, of course, is the virtualization bit itself (kqemu or qvm86 would have to be converted to a .kext if at all possible).

If VMware doesn't step up to the plate and yanks a port out of a hat, a Universal binary of using such a .kext would be a dandy solution - it would for sure be able to run at near-native speeds on a Core Duo (preferably half of it, so that won't hog the machine).

And, best of all, it would also let me run other OSes if necessary (something that can do, but grudgingly).

Like I said, I give it around two months on the outside - something is sure to pop up soon...