Twitter is, alternatively or simultaneously:

  1. The death of blogging.
  2. One of those odd things brought upon us by the Web 2.0 “social network” revolution.
  3. Yet another attempt at reinventing the IRC wheel.
  4. CB radio via .
  5. A way to keep track of your colleagues:


Date Link Notes
Nov 28 Chirp.js Yet another timeline
Apr 14 “Twitter Grows Up, Adds Promoted Tweets Here we go…
Apr 12 Twitter Buys Tweetie, Adds Fuel to Developer Fires The best client gets its just reward – now let’s hope the desktop version lives on.
Aug 10 TweetS60 A native (and eminently usable) client, currently freeware (only thing it lacks is photo upload).
Jun 28 twittov A Markov chain generator that trains upon a user’s timeline. Used for some parody stunts with chilling results.
Mar 29 Gravity A commercial client.
Mar 7 TwitteReader A based front-end designed to match the UI.
Feb 25 Gwibber for “Gnome”:Wikipedia:GNOME
Feb 13 twits60 native client (under development )
Jan 29 Twim A simple, fast and very usable client for mobile phones
Jan 12 microblog-purple a libpurple plugin to integrate with
Oct 28 Twidroid For phones
TwitterBerry For devices
Jan 21 For and
Growllified Tweet Ted Leung’s modified (for using and )

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