The Not-So-Wild Side

So here I am, coding macros, waiting for the scorn of my geekier friends to descend upon me.

It's a very long story, but the upshot is that I accepted the fact that I had to bring minor portions of my work home (yes, again), and I might as well bring the ones that are:

  1. moderately fun (in the sense that my neurons feel warm and fuzzy figuring out the best way to do things)
  2. not e-mail driven (i.e., that do not require instantaneous interaction with other humans via endless sequences of rather pointless e-mails)
  3. only achievable in a quiet, nurturing environment (I have a much bigger screen, a much better desk and a at home)

As such, I have yet to update myself (and the site) regarding the latest news. Although there is an awful lot to write about, my time at home is being evenly distributed between reading, resting and doing the few bits that fit into the three categories above.

Oh, and playing around with . It turns out that it (and the Flash viewer) handle Chinese characters just fine on the , and I need a way to organize my studies (which, to be perfectly honest, aren't my strong suit right now).