Minor Note On Current Portuguese Handsets

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day (I've already uploaded the requisite waypoints to my GPS, as well as added a couple more utilities to that page), so here are some phone-oriented news that might be of interest to other gadget-oriented folk in the Europe and US.

Obligatory full disclosure notice: I work at Vodafone - here's my .

  • TMN has started selling the A1000 at roughly Eur. 560 (probably with a promotional rebate, but that's the list price I can find). We used to call the A925 the "insensible shoe" and the A1000 is somewhat slimmer, but I can't for the life of me recommend a UIQ smartphone at this point, no matter how many Gs it pulls.
  • Optimus is crowding the billboards and airtime with their (very aggressive) promotion. At Eur. 239 it's undercutting quite a few of their other 2G phones, so I'm guessing they're stretching themselves a bit thin. Quite a few of my latest photos were taken with one of these, but beware - I can't really see this replacing a real 2 Mpixel camera in anything but sunny weather, so don't expect too much.
  • Vodafone has started selling the at Eur. 299 here in Portugal, which means I can finally own up to having been using one for months (it replaced my as my everyday UMTS modem and pocket camera). I think a 2-for-1 promotion is also available for a limited time (but I didn't really pay attention to the ad until it was gone). If so, these things are going to sell like hotcakes.