The S700 is focused on imaging and streaming media:

Interesting Specs:

  • Integrated 1.3 megapixel CCD digital camera (with resampling digital zoom and camera-like menus)
  • 262K TFT colour screen (bigger and better than the Z1010's)
  • Memory Stick Duo slot
  • Streaming and MP3 media support
  • Bluetooth (including the HID profile)
  • Support for SSL/TLS in e-mail client (apparently anywhere but France, due to local crypto legislation).

Supported Bluetooth services as reported by Mac OS X 10.3.4:

HF Voice Gateway, Dial-up Networking, OBEX SyncML Client, HS Voice Gateway, Serial Port, Serial Port 2, OBEX Object Push, OBEX IrMC Sync Server, Mouse & Keyboard, OBEX Basic Imaging, OBEX File Transfer


  • Good Points:

    • Big, hi-res, extremely readable screen (something that benefits the entire UI).
    • Pretty good camera with Sony CyberShot-like menus and a high-intensity white LED. Supports a few effects (black and white, solarize), etc., burst mode and saving 3GPP format videos (apparently with unlimited length).
    • Excellent digital zoom with resampling.
    • Basic MP3 player (but you can't use MP3 files as ringtones)
    • Excellent Bluetooth support (as usual), including HID profiles.
    • Separate profiles for browsing, streaming and Java applet traffic (can be extremely useful, but might be a nuisance for new users).
    • Dedicated switch to enable keyboard lock.
    • MemoryStick Duo slot on the outside.
  • Bad Points:

    • The screen seems very likely to get scratched.
    • The SonyEricsson UI keeps wasting oodles of screen real estate with bars and pointless decoration.
    • It's rather thick for my taste - if it were 2/3 the thickness it would be perfect, though.
    • Volume buttons are awkwardly placed when open.
    • The radio applet isn't very intuitive.
    • The camera-like back is hideous - you look ridiculous if you answer a call with the phone closed, since you're talking into what looks like a camera.
    • The camera lens cover feels finicky and is easily left open (there are no indicators to remind you to close it in phone mode).
    • The phone does not close seamlessly, causing it to make a sound not unlike castanets when you set it to vibrate on ring.
    • Slightly buggy e-mail client (IMAP mode seems to have problems downloading headers, a bug shared with the K700, seems to support SSL but barfs with all certificates I throw at it)
    • Browser key is too easy to confuse with power button.