Minimal Update

Entirely too many meetings. Had to give up my for something slightly less trendy, but nonetheless still useful (which I spent a couple of hours fiddling with after arriving home).

  • Tomorrow being April 29th, reviews are pouring in. Here are a couple I found interesting:
  • In the meantime, the Cisco VPN Client is (obviously, since it's a.kext) incompatible with , which means I'll have to resort to UMTS from now on (not that the VPN user experience was that good, but it's one less option).
  • ...and it turns out that 1.5 is not bundled with
  • Tonight's great find was The Darth Side. Absolutely hilarious, and I'm not that much of a Star Wars fan (via Slashdot, which finally managed to be funny again). For extra brownie points, check out the Star Wars Week comics at Yirmumah.