Blips On The Radar

This week started off the wrong way in a number of aspects - one of which was that attempting to upgrade my Pearl to a new (test) firmware version using my Vista laptop nearly bricked the device (why? because Vista takes forever to enumerate USB devices, that's why). So now you know that it doesn't just suck at copying files...

But it went pretty much uphill from there - for starters, the Battlestar Galactica season finale was full of little twists and turns, pfig found another Mac virus (making for a grand total of two), and Tom Insam has started to integrate Django into a Slingshot-like framework.

Tie that in with an RPC framework like Irmen De Jong's Pyro, and you've reinvented the webapp-as-desktop-app wheel again - but in Python, which is of slightly more interest to me.

Another high point of my week was that Sony has finally figured out that people want to watch something other than UMDs on a PSP, and has released the 3.30 firmware update, which enables resolutions of 720x480, 352x480 and 480x272. Of course I've e-mailed the PSPWare developer already :)

Judging from the time it took them to do this, I don't think they'll figure out that the PS3 is an overpriced, underperforming and severely limited media extender (and added a LAN client and alternative codecs) until mid-2009 or so, by which time the Xbox360 Elite will have walked all over their prospective market share.

Oh, and they'll add those only to the "slim" edition of the console (which will not reach Europe until March 2009), of course.

Update: I'm amazed at how quickly supposedly knowledgeable people fell for pfig's little prank - as usual, people are free to make up their own minds...