Time Machine

One of Leopard’s new features, aimed at ensuring people improve their Backup habits and enabling intuitive restore.


Date Link Notes
Jan 20 Time Warp a tool for modifying Time Machine’s backup behavior using weighted reservoir sampling.
Aug 3 Time Machine Editor An alternative scheduler that does away with the irritating defaults.
Sep 18 Mass Deploying Time Machine in Mac OS X Lion All you ever wanted to know about scripting and CLI usage of it, from changing destinations to setting exclusions.
Oct 16 10.6: Create networkable, encrypted and copyable Time Machine backups Very neat. I’ve saved a local copy of the scripts for creating and restoring from encrypted disk images.
Feb 28 Time Vault A Linux equivalent, still under development.
May 11th Time Machine Exposed! Using the tms command line tool to explore backups
May 9th Prune Your Time Machine Backups Selectively Using a modified version of GrandPerspective
Apr 10th JavaScript clone of the UI Pretty damn impressive
Mar 5th Time Machine a pretty good rundown, complete with under-the-hood details
Aug 8 MacWorld First Looks article Where it is mentioned that it was supposed to work in oh, slightly different ways