Given that I’ve been managing this site’s content entirely using for a year now (or thereabouts) with resounding success, I’ve decided to take the plunge and literally drop (if you’ll pardon the pun) the whole codebase for the site’s Yaki engine, templating and whatnot into it as well.

This will let me do minor tweaks from my (I have an astoundingly long list of cleanups I never get around to do) and ensure I have a ready backup of the whole thing on a couple of machines (plus the occasional snapshot) without having to think about pushing and pulling stuff using Mercurial.

I did toss in the entire repository as well, which is sure to be fun if a trifle redundant – basic version management is OK, but I prefer Mercurial for diffs and “proper” management and history.

I have to wonder when hosting companies (or themselves) will catch on and start offering this kind of seamless, trivially easy website content management – editing my site on my laptop’s filesystem or via one of the increasingly popular mobile clients beats FTP and any day…

Stay tuned for some notes on clients once I find the time.