So, MobileMe is now working for me. As of around 4AM this morning, when the kid woke us up and I fired up my to check the weather forecast. I was idling thumbing through e-mail and, all of a sudden, my account (which was ) popped up a new message count.

I checked it, and sure enough, there was some recent mail (from around 3:30 GMT time), plus a gaping ten-day-wide hole between those messages and the next most recent ones. Over a week of e-mail, gone bouncing off into limbo – fortunately all my folders and stored messages seem to be in place, although I’ve already backed up the cached copies on my laptop.

The day went by uneventfully, until around 7PM when I got this e-mail:

Dear Rui,

XXXXXX here from Mobileme support. I understand you were experiencing an issue in which you do not have full functionality of your email account.

This was caused by scheduled maintenance being performed. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. You should now be able to have full functionality.

To determine when or if scheduled maintenance is occurring, you can check MobileMe System Status, which is available on both of these pages:

…emphasis mine. Not bad, considering that “maintenance” took around ten days and that Mail was listed on the system status page as available every time I visited it for the first five days.

Two hours later, at 9PM, I finally get the follow-up from Tier 2 support (about, oh, four to six days late) saying that my account should be working by now and that I not only qualify for the 30-day Extension Eligibility but I also have twice the storage space.

Which, considering iDisk (and no, I haven’t yet had time to do packet sniffing, but I’ll wager it’s still just as insecure as the rest of MobileMe), is quite ironic.

Oh well.

Anyway, I just filed “#6084474”:Radar:6084474 pertaining to auto-correct with the keyboard (it is nearly impossible to write single-letter words without auto-correct getting in the way for some reason).

Which is, quite easily, a lot more interesting than MobileMe right now.

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