So here's an idea or two

After wading through the App Store for a week, there are a few things I find odd. Sure, there are about a bazillion dodgy games, a handful of brilliant ones and entirely too many clients and To-Do/ apps, but I’d love to see the following apps:

  • The obligatory free app. Yes, it’s geeky, niche and useless to 99% of the folk out there, but it serves a purpose.
  • A barcode reader. Come on, it isn’t as if there isn’t . I’d love to be able to build a shopping list of sorts as I skim the shelves at local bookstores. Checking prices online at Amazon UK would be a nice bonus, but storing the decoded barcodes along with some extra data (a photo of the item and a note) and allowing me to manage a list of items would be more than enough.
  • A application of some sort. would be great (since I like its simplicity and speed), and it would be a great brainstorming tool, especially if I could e-mail mindmaps (as large PNGs) from it.
  • VooodooPad. Or a simple embedded Wiki able to jot down URLs via a bookmarklet, insert images and sync with multiple . I’m sure everyone hates the built-in Notes app enough to lobby Gus to get this working, so I’ll just toss the idea out there and let people pester him for me.
  • Spotlight. I want better search capabilities across calendars, contacts and e-mail, and although I’m not sure if third-party apps can search through mail, the first two ought to be feasible.

As usual I have other ideas, but I . Nor do I have much time these days to even think about talking about them…