Tall Orders

After a long, hard, push on a project (as usual, before Summer break sets in), I find myself slightly overwhelmed as I try to pick up a bunch of things where I (and others) left them a while back.

(One of them involves . No, I won’t go on about it, but after years of 4, doing 5 isn’t any easier on the eye, and the only way I can adjust is by trying to cram in as much higher-order stuff as I can manage.)

Judging from the amount of residual flak floating around after the launch (some of which I’m still getting to, having a humungous RSS backlog), having to use my machines without the luxury of time to bother about the details is probably one of the reasons I hardly notice any difference - and no, I didn’t carry over any legacy customizations (in fact, I seldom customize anything at all in the OS).

Getting stuff done on is a smooth, agreeable experience, perhaps more so on a laptop due to trackpad gestures and the way fullscreen support works when you’re working on a single display (i.e., by not laying waste to secondary ones), and that’s it, really, in a nutshell.

Outside that, I’ve been voraciously reading some Charles Stross and random paperbacks that have come my way (mostly as a way to wean myself off the computer), doing some photography (with going the way of the dodo, I decided that my Flickr account needed some tending to) and generally trying to keep myself sane until I get some proper vacation time.

Oh, and fiddling with Latent Semantic Mapping framework, which I’ve managed to figure out how to use.

But more on that later.