HomeKit is Apple‘s home automation solution, which revolves around the Home Accessory Protocol (HAP).

Category Date Link Notes
Gateways 2017 homekit2mqtt A straightforward two-way bridge between HAP and MQTT
homebridge a very popular bridge with many plugins for specific devices
Libraries HAP-NodeJS a very popular HAP implementation
HAP-Java HAP implementation for Java
HomeControl a full HAP implementation in Go
pyhomekit A set of Python libraries that implement part of the core protocol
HAP-python A fuller HAP implementation that allows for easy subclassing
homekit_python Another library and set of utilities
Specifications 2020 Secure Video Unofficial Specification A list of states, characteristics and other details that are necessary for secure video support
2018 Official HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specs
Video 2020 hkcam a Go-based solution to have a Pi Zero serve as a HomeKit camera
2019 homebridge-camera-rpi A NodeJS Homebridge setup to have the Pi serve as a HomeKit camera