Slow Summer

Posting has been slow for a number of reasons, so here is a short update on the whys and whats of it.

  • I have been extremely busy due to fiscal year roll around, and the hot weather hasn’t helped. I feel quite exhausted, and find myself more eager to enjoy watching a movie or reading a good book than messing about with technology during progressively warmer evenings…
  • The one thing I was set on getting finished soon was my k3s autoscaler, but the 0.7.0 release (and associated containerd updates) broke private insecure registry support, and I haven’t had the time to set everything up again.
  • I’m still waiting on a bunch of electronics parts to arrive from China for the rest of my hobby stuff (audio amplifiers for my MQTT doorbell extenders, fans for my Raspberry Pi 4, etc.). Putting those together and testing them will also take time.
  • Speaking of time, I recently spent an inordinate amount of it dealing with backups and data migrations of various kinds1 and rolling some of them back, which also put me off using computers at home for a bit.
  • The site is now managed via git, since I was so set on getting rid of Dropbox altogether that I went back to basics and set up an entirely new VM with a clean setup (which took all of 20 minutes thanks to Ansible).

This last change brings some friction to my writing, since it’s now comparatively much harder to post from iOS.

Working Copy works, but is very slow on my iPad mini 4 since the site content is a 2.1GB repo with thousands of mixed media files…

Also, none of my Shortcuts can use it yet, so even posting a link entry has become distressingly manual–which is something that I intend to fix during some lazy afternoon in the near future.

Update: Fixed my shortcuts to pass link text and images to Working Copy via x-callback-url and the clipboard. It’s a remarkable piece of software, although it’s still struggling a bit with the size of the repository.

  1. I will have a lot more to say regarding Dropbox and OneDrive in a few weeks… ↩︎

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