Well, that didn't take long...

I guess enough is enough by now. As I type this, my freshly installed Linode VPS is replicating all the pre-September site content via Dropbox, and Yaki is making a comeback as my primary blogging solution, basically because I got tired of having other people’s services blow up on me.

Yeah, I was clearly when I announced my move to Tumblr two months back.

I could deal with Tumblr going down, but having Delicious (and, presumably, soon, Yahoo Pipes) go down, plus the lack of a shell prompt I could get at from anywhere, made it somewhat obvious that I’m too much of a UNIX hack to rely solely on other people’s services.

So by the start of this evening I’ll likely have a completely working site again (total setup time 15 minutes, which basically amounts to creating a VPS instance, following these instructions, pasting in the config file and then sitting back).

I’ll do a few things differently this time around, namely switching to (simply because I have to use it on many other places), using mod_cache to simplify some of the Yaki logic, and breaking some code into funny shaped bits in order to (someday) move the whole thing over to Cyclone, which is wicked powerful and which I need to replace Pipes and implement e-mail posting properly (the only thing I really, really miss from Tumblr already).

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and have lunch. DNS updates, RSS and content migration back to this site will eventually happen over the weekend.

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