So it seems that the bunch of incompetent fools who’ve been running Yahoo! into the ground over the last few years have decided to “de-emphasize” delicious, which does not bode well.

If it does go down, then I suspect I’ll be forced to either set up my own - giving me another argument to resurrect my former site, lose a couple of hours whipping up a kludge in Google App Engine or migrate to something else (this springs to mind, although I’d probably shout at people until it got a facelift and a sleek mobile UI).

Either way, this is of concern to me due to other, equally useful things that Yahoo! maintains, such as their great minifier (Yahoo Compressor) or the awesome Yahoo Pipes, which I rely upon for a great deal of my news filtering.

Given the way things are going, it looks like I have no choice but to start planning for replacing those - and shutting down my Flickr account, not out of spite, but rather out of common sense (I hardly ever use it as it is, and no point in having another user account and password around when Yahoo may well lose enough knowledgeable people to have a Gawker moment some time in the future).

I hope the folk being laid off end up competing against Yahoo! and winning by a country mile.