Avert Your Eyes

After fiddling around with the site setup some three months or so ago and removing all advertisements largely due to my annoyance at them, I have (sadly) had to cave in after I realized that whatever little I earned through AdSense was, if not essential, at least important enough to keep the site running.

Unlike pro bloggers, I have zero time to spend lobbying folk for sponsoring and often have to turn down requests for reviewing software that I neither have time nor interest to deal with, so all I have to go on are ads and donations, neither of which are (nearly) enough to have the site break even.

Although it would still be my primary alternative, I’m reluctant to move back to Tumblr anytime soon - despite improvements in availability, the degree of control I have over the site’s content is still paramount to me.

So this morning, and after some fiddling about over the last couple of days, I reluctantly had to go back and toggle ads back on.

Hopefully, and given the current state of economic affairs in my neck of the woods, this will help a wee bit.

If not, then… I’ll keep checking this.

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