In the Pond

A number of adjustments are ongoing, most of which revolve around work and how to tackle a bunch of new stuff there, although my eldest’s relatively non-traumatic debut in pre-schoold has also been a factor.

Working with an entirely new team (even though I had already met quite a few of them) is stimulating, although a mite frustrating when you’re still at the stage where you’re struggling to match names, faces, Twitter handles and a bunch of e-mail addresses into a coherent whole that is still not a person because you’ve yet to estabish a full rapport with over half the people you’re actually supposed to know and manage.

But hey, it’s fun (the startup-like environment helps a lot) although I could do with a freshly updated build of Tom Insam’s Shelf by now as a sort of e-mail driven flashcards – sadly, I currently lack the time to kick my copy of the source tree around, in much the same way I also lack time to read news or sit down and finish the bunch of drafts I have pending.

Update: I’ve since grabbed the source from github and built a running executable. I think it’s time I started using Git a bit more, too, so I went ahead and forked it so I can fool around with the CSS and a few other doodads.

Part of it is due to my greatly reduced commute time (it now can take me less than 10 minutes to reach the office if I have a lift, and I’ve timed the bus trip on a quiet day at 17 minutes) and the (irregularly unscheduled) time required to mind the kids in the evenings and mornings. Add to that the current lack of a working iPhone (more on what I’m using later) and the need to do miscellaneous chores in the evenings, and the available time windows to either read or write are effectively non-existent.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and do something completely different for a bit. And yeah, the title’s a pun.