New job entropy has finally hit. On the plus side, I’m now getting around 20% of people’s names right (a marked improvement) but on the down side I already have a backlog – delegating mostly works, but the pace’s still a bit off from what I was used to, and I’m taking my time adjusting.

Of note this week were this piece on GTD using Evernote (which is long-winded and boring but has a few useful nuggets that work fine on the iPad), a rampaging bout of flu that swept through the household with devastating effects (we’re all OK now, but there was a string of bad nights that resulted in my spending the weekend dozing around, recovering from lack of sleep) and a passing interest in Node.js that beached itself on the shores of my hectic schedule and was eventually swept away by a mix of distaste for its underpinnings and the sublimely written Kraken, another Miéville masterpiece.