Sunny, with a chance of rest

For various personal reasons, I now find myself obliged to spend a couple of weeks or so at home resting and mulling a number of things quite outside the ordinary fare of , the upcoming version of the OS (which, sadly, is sure to render my trusty obsolete) and all the other stuff that seems to have overwhelmed my RSS feeds after a day and a half offline.

Suffice it to say that is doing yet another set of incremental updates and moving a reasonable (if sometimes frustrating) obsolescence window across its product range, and let’s leave it at that. Oh, and they keep ticking the naysayers’ checkboxes, of course: multitasking (or selected delegation of some services to the OS, in some cases) is coming, for one, and I can see it making a lot of people shut up for good1.

Me, I’m going to (again) re-prioritize some things… For starters, I’m going to throw the book (and all the corporate stuff that most people who read this blog thankfully don’t have a clue do) out the window for a couple of weeks and get some very sorely needed rest – there’s also some , although I’d rather it had not happened in quite this way.

In the meantime, the good news is that I can take the time to watch some , cut down on my considerable book backlog and ripping out part of the guts of this site (both content-wise and code-wise).

Some of that’s already underway – a few days back I took Haystack concept, made it considerably more spartan, and bolted it on to this site, replacing a much slower pre-rendering cache.

With luck, there will also be some proper writing thrown in – one never knows.

1 Me, I’m happier about MobileMe note syncing finally being implemented, even though it’s years too late.

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