Easter Break

In betwixt the usual family affairs, I’ve been patiently upgrading my to 10.6.3 without any ill effects (so far – Update: I heard there were some issues with things like Fusion, but it turns out it was , which I don’t use anymore…), re-imaging one of the netbooks (more on that later – it’s been going on for a while and – shock! – I have a lot of nice things to say about ), keeping tabs on the hoopla, and completely and utterly breaking a bunch of links between Wiki nodes on this site due to at sorting a few things together and getting rid of old, obsolete baggage.

I’ve also been mostly offline letting off steam because, to be perfectly candid, there are some selected aspects of my work that are giving me some pretty major headaches, with the added frustration that I cannot do anything about them whatsoever – the kind of I am used to doing normally allows me to fix things, but this time it’s been one very long and hard slog grasping at straws and progressively losing faith, and if it were not for mostly everything else being fine, I’d probably be severely annoyed.

This too shall pass, of course, but I’m looking forward to spending a few more days away from it all so that I can get my mojo back to focus on the good bits.

After all, it’s been with the company, since I’ve become a parent for the first time, and practically after the second, and there are a lot of good bits in all of it.

And yeah, I wish I had an too. There.

Update: , as usual, captures the feeling with eerie (if not terrifying) accuracy:

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