Most Gratuitous Use Of iPhoto Ever

Thanks to iPhoto Buddy and Keyword Assistant, I've found myself using for managing not just my photos, but also presentation resources and all kinds of raw materials - which just goes to show you how a decent tagging UI and better library management can turn it into a useful tool.

So after wondering "why not?" I just tossed my entire collection (1993 through 2005, I've yet to extract the 2006 ones from e-mails) into a standalone library:

The obligatory screenshot

That's 4384 images, which I'll eventually get around to tagging with keywords like , , Business Plan, Motivation, Project Management, Engineering, HR, etc. Should take me some 20 years or so, considering the free time I have.

Better still, I can add to my seemingly endless pile of pet projects OCRing these and automatically tagging them using and Bayesian classification.

Heck, I've done stranger things.

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