Apple’s photo management application, with about as many detractors as supporters.


  • You can enable map zooming via multi-touch by using defaults write com.apple.iphoto MapScrollWheel -bool YES
  • Holding Alt upon launching iPhoto will prompt you to create/select a new library.
  • Holding Alt + Shift upon launching will rebuild a damaged library.
  • According to this piece, pressing Ctrl-Caps Lock-9 will let you use Tab to switch between extra editing features:


Date Link Notes
Jun 22 iphotoexport ”…preserves both the original and modified image, your event and album organization, and applies your iPhoto titles, descriptions, keywords, and face tags to the IPTC/EXIF metadata of your images”. I’m sold.
Mar 20 Speeding up library databases: for dbase in *.db; do sqlite3 $dbase "vacuum;"; done Taken from this hint
Older iPhotoToGoogleEarth Deprecated -generates KML files for Google/Earth from geotagged images.
Script Export a plug-in that allows you to process iPhoto libraries for export using (any kind of) shell scripting.
Keyword Assistant a decent interface for inputting keywords, with auto-completion
iPhoto Buddy Buddy multiple library management for older versions of iPhoto
iPhoto Extractor library recovery for older versions


  • iPhoto 5.0.4 did not support the Canon CR2 RAW format generated by the 350D 350D (firmware v1.0.2). Filed as #4312038 on 2005-10-22, temporary fix here, fixed on version 6.