Appropriate amounts of fun

Okay, so I’ve finally put up my little emlx image injection script (and yes, it does require further work, but right now I can’t spare the time), and I’ve been trying to piece together a few old drafts that I have lying around, but my newfound pseudo-nomadic condition and a hitherto completely botched attempt at managing my schedule by trying to impose a cap on the number of meetings a day (I’m trying to go for two, had five today) are taking their toll.

Oh, and there’s all that e-mail I’ve been getting of late – I haven’t yet gone through most of it, but rest assured I’m trying – it’s not just the time, it’s marshaling the right amount of focus.

Anyway, here’s my next two or three posts in a nutshell, to save everybody’s time:

  • “Paul Auster”:Wikipedia:Paul_Auster is maddeningly uneven. I’m having a pretty hard time slogging it through one of his books right now.
  • The iPod Touch kicks the N810’s metaphorical posterior in terms of usability any day of the week, for just about any purpose you care to name. I’ll tell you why soon, and if I have time, I’ll throw in my Eur. 0.02 (or is it US$0.03 right now?) on why it’s Apple’s little “trojan horse”:Wikipedia:Trojan_Horse.
  • Someone will rant about some (apparently) inane limitation of the iPhone SDK, and I will diss them publicly for still not getting how Apple goes about doing things.