Nokia N810

The N810 is the successor to tablet, now gifted with a keyboard and a more sensibly placed directional pad. Hilariously, most pundits (completely failing to understand how things work) expected it to include WiMax support from the start, and a variant with WiMax was announced… on April 1st 2008.


Date Link Notes
Apr 1st Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud to read the press release on that date (especially considering the amount of hype around WiMax)
Oct 17 Nokia N810 Gets Official Mentions GPS, 2.0 and supported media types
Oct 17 Hands-On Not very conclusive. Includes a photo gallery.
Oct 19 First Glance: The Nokia N810 Linux Internet Tablet Doesn’t Make Sense 5 minutes were enough to get the gist of it.
Oct 21 Several videos of pre-production units. Still seems slow.
Nov 24 ( OS) Garnet VM Beta Odd that the ancient OS works so well on this machine that I wish they stripped out and ran with it…

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