Gravitating Towards Some Stuff

After working through half the holiday yesterday, I’m now mentally preparing to hop over to the office a few times over the weekend, all the while trying to relax, study some Mandarin and (hopefully) fix some Yaki bugs – not to mention do all the stuff ‘regular’ folk do, like sleeping, reading, shopping, etc.

Anyway, today was an interesting day in a couple of aspects Mac-wise (besides Fake Steve going on about Portugal, Lebanon and leaving us all wondering whether he was fooling around or just plain ignorant):

For starters, I downloaded the latest Fusion beta to my MacBook, and found it incredibly reassuring. Parallels works OK for me right now, but just knowing I can toss in some of my old VMs and not have to bother with conversions or anything other than minor tweaks has me completely sold.

I just hope it won’t be more expensive than upgrading to the new and improved Parallels 3.0. Still, the critical mass behind VMware is very important for cross-platform folk like me.

Nokia, who once timidly put out Collector for the Mac and who has recently started offering iSync plugins (a damn smart move, IMHO), released their Media Transfer beta today. Sadly, it won’t play along with other (standards-compliant) phones, but has me nearly sold.

I’ve been watching as their platform becomes faster and more usable (although still cluttered with all sorts of junkware, making the out-of-box experience somewhat strange), and this might yet pull me over to their side of the fence.

But I’m not quite there yet.

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