Apple In Portugal, At Long Last!!!

According to this public record of company formation, has recently established themselves in soil.

(And I missed it. Dang. I really should pay more attention to this kind of stuff…)

The “address”:Geo:38.718633,-9.143779, in case you’re curious, seems to be one of the local Regus offices, and the registration is legit (after all, how many people at are called Peter Oppenheimer?).

Now all we have to do is wait and see what they have in store for us here (hopefully we’ll get at least one store, and better handling of local retail and support…).

As always, only time will tell – let’s just hope it isn’t a mere legal formality due to some regulatory kink…

Many thanks to Pedro Telles for the heads up.

Update: Now with a special guest appearance by Fake Steve, who is either putting his foot in it by confusing with Lebanon or making fun of for doing precisely that so far. I was betting on the latter, but the balance has just been redressed (jokes within jokes, I guess…)

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