The One That Got Away

Just so I'll remember for years to come, today was the day when the Sonae takeover bid for Portugal Telecom (which, incidentally, started over a year ago and was an almost unbearably long period of limbo for several folk) fell through.

This most likely means that 2007 will be a pretty hard year for Sonae in the telco arena, since they themselves were starting to admit their business wasn't, er... as profitable as they'd like it to.

But as usual, I really can't go into that. All I can say is point out the obvious, regardless of press hype and analysts' wet dreams: there are plenty more fish (and sharks) in the sea.

On Last Year's MacBook Wi-Fi Hack

And, also for my future reference, today was the day when David Maynor went public with the details for the Wi-Fi hack (and ensuing soap opera).

It took half a year, but it's interesting to see that most of my points, especially the bit about talking to the news ahead of time (for which the so-called Security community - and some Mac users - dissed me) seem to be well on their way to be confirmed - including the bit about drivers needing to be written by people who know what they're doing.

Nobody will care, obviously, but hey, such is life.

On Joost

Got the beta invite (at long last), but after reading João's post and learning that they didn't implement Apple remote support, I'm kind of disinclined to test it.

That and my still having a perfectly good 20" iMac G5 that ought to be more than fast enough to run a PowerPC equivalent (if there was one) and works beautifully with Mira.

Oh well. Maybe I'll set up Mira on my MacBook as well and try to script Joost somehow.