Dear Lazyweb,

Is there any simple way to get to print all currently open images to a single PDF file?

I had a bunch of individual fax pages (i.e., in separate TIFF files) I wanted to convert to a single PDF, but couldn't find a trivial way to do it with either or . There might have been something I missed, but all I could find was the "Combine PDF pages" action, and it was completely out of the question to convert all TIFF files to individual PDFs.

The fastest way I could find was to use to combine all images into a single TIFF file and then print that into PDF - which worked, but I'd like something more straightforward, and non-geeky - the process will have to be repeated eventually, and using a shell for this is out (I want to have an easy way for other folk do it).

Update: Please do not suggest dropping them all into - you're not getting my point, since that is precisely what doesn't work - the print dialog will only let you print each file separately, and not all of the images as a combined document.

Update 2: mostly works, but tends to crash on a particular TIFF image and prompts me to attempt to retrieve the end result from the . Anything out there that doesn't require third-party software or a prompt?

Update 3: To those of you who keep saying that will print all images, here's what happens when I toss more than one TIFF file into and hit Print:

You can only print the one image you have visible, regardless of how many there are in the sidebar. And no, Save As to PDF doesn't work - it will also save the single visible image.

Update 4: Out-of-the-box thinking that just came to me: Toss all TIFF files into and print them out to a single PDF (one "photo" per page, A4 page size). Works OK, can be easily reproduced by other people without extra software, but has the drawback that ordering is a pain (unless you number the files before importing).