Taking It Easy

Other than a few minor aches and pains I attribute to blood thinners, dozing off in awkward positions and caffeine withdrawal, I seem to be doing OK.

Although I have severely cut down on my RSS feeds even further (saving myself the aggravation of wading through too much drivel), a few blips popped up on the radar:

  • CrossOver Mac will be coming out soon (via (pfig). I'm curious to see if they rely on X11 to render the UI, but not much - I don't see much point in using WINE and having partial compatibility when can give you the whole thing.
  • NeoOffice has been making noises about 2.0 nearing launch, and has released a new alpha version.
  • I had come across a prototype of  some time ago (I forget when), but missed out on its launch. Nice, but I can't seem to get the hang of it (too many visual cues can be detrimental to usability as well).
  • Apparently is swapping discolored s. Considering that the "4H624" series is said to still run too hot, my original goal of waiting until November or so to get one still stands.
  • I really, really like 's new keyboard design. It's so trekkie that it seems like a complete waste to tie it to - let's hope they come out with a edition.

Besides those, I've had a couple of reports of breaking my plugins (which means I will also have to update my ). The way persists in not documenting at all or even bother to mention breaking compatibility with older versions as part of the release notes is utterly beyond me (must. not. stress.)

The good news is that Adam Manczuk sent me a fixed plugin for the , and I will be looking into all of it (as well as the rest of my mail) later - before I upgrade my to , I intend to do my quarterly backup, and that is sure to take a bit.