Three Random Things

  • Snooker matches can be, oh, so exciting to watch on TV.
  • Pharmaceutical pamphlets and 3GPP standards have a lot more in common than you might realize - both things are written by people who don't have to actually use what they describe, but who nevertheless feel the need to cover their asses in every conceivable way. The main difference is that the pharmaceutical industry is accountable for what they write, whereas the rampant lobbying in 3GPP and IETF circles will just go on and on (yes, yes, that reminds me of The Blue Packet as well).
  • The difference between Mark Pilgrim and Cory Doctorow where it regards switching from Mac OS X to Ubuntu is that Mark made an informed decision, whereas Cory will just be the loudest "me too" parroting his beliefs from one of the most absurdly popular sites on the Internet.

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