Back On The Saddle

Well, after a well-earned rest, a couple of hours of puttering around the local state medical franchise getting things stamped and a brief discussion with our family doctor, I was again let loose upon an unsuspecting world - which includes going back to work.

(Believe me, I made a passionate plea on my colleagues' behalf, since I have since discovered that my particular prescription cocktail apparently makes me slightly more flammable...)

I will be stung, poked, prodded, sampled and irradiated in various ways during the next few weeks to see if there are any identifiable causes (besides stress and the potassium imbalance), but on the whole it seems that everything is under control.

In the meantime, I went on to enjoy a warm welcome from my colleagues and a quiet afternoon booking meetings and trying my hand at a new, more deflective style of e-mail judo.

So far, there has been no need to ask for an injunction barring the usual pests from annoying me every five minutes - but I'm told swinging a golf club is tremendously relaxing, even indoors...