Morning News Break

  • A number of folk wrote in to say that is buggy and crashes , has a shady EULA, or that it is evil in one way or another. Honestly, I don't care. So what if is sponsoring its release? I don't actually plan to use it (although I might if I absolutely must waste time watching some random Internet video). Update: Melo says that version 2.0.1 stopped crashing for him.
  • Via Melo, Project X. Despite the horrid Flash intro (I encourage you to link to this page instead, maybe they'll catch on) and the fact that most of the JavaScript on their page (badly generated by Adobe's GoLive) doesn't actually work on either or Firefox, the web reporting features seem quite interesting for anyone managing remote teams.
  • Edison Thomaz dropped me a line about the new version of , which includes support and an open plug-in architecture
  • Gruber has put up yet another humorous take on the shunning of Brushed Metal by . My guess is that he's right, and that and iChat will be next - maybe in ?
  • The Wonderful Wacky World of RSS. Industry standard? I couldn't have titled this one better.
  • Dennis Johnson, who owns an 800MHz iBook just like mine (with a PowerPC G3), wrote in to say that now requires a G4 processor or better - which means I have even less incentive to look at the new (my iBook is my main photo aid while on travel).
  • MidpSSH got a new update, with improved support for devices.

And now, to get some work done.