Mail Flush

I’m getting the feeling that I ought to pay more attention to my personal e-mail - a couple of obvious signs consist in finding messages from Jan 4th that I never got around to replying to, and noticing that my “Flagged” smart folder hit 100 a few days ago…

I understand that in this age of instantaneous communication this delay might be a bit jarring, but then again, I’m the guy who takes half an hour to reply to s sometimes…

Anyway, here’s a few items that I fished out of my inbox this morning:

  • Xyle Scope will be ending its promotional pricing on January 31st (my readership will know I don’t go in for blogging as a promotional vehicle - and I toss out umpteen e-mails mentioning similar promotions - but their app is original enough to deserve an exception).
  • Peter van Impelen has sent me (amongst various other stuff) a link to the CPS Project, a Zope offshoot with features (here’s a PDF on it that I’ve been perusing). This (or something like it) ought to be mandatory in every company’s intranet.
  • David Madga sent me a great guide to unattended Windows installs. I have to restore my laptop from the Toshiba factory image to get all the bits working right, but this might be of general interest.
  • Tiago Henriques, Florian Beer and Daniel Jalkut have joined Planet Tao (and I forgot to mention it, sorry).
  • In the meantime, David Austin has pointed out that for is already priced at US$0.
  • A bunch of people sent me stuff on CES and MWSF that I never got around to publish or link to (I didn’t read much e-mail this past couple of weeks, so I mostly got my news via RSS, or ).

My thanks nonetheless to everybody who wrote in. If you just want to send me a link, please consider using my public identity - it’s one of the things that gets rolled in to my RSS pipeline around dinnertime, thereby maximizing the chances I’ll actually see it on the same evening.