News Dump

First off, a small note to apologize for the password prompts some of you may have encountered. Melo and myself are debating whether to immerse the responsible parties in boiling oil or merely flogging them (I'm partial to both at once, provided we use a thorn whip), but it should all be sorted out by now (it was a minor Apache tweak gone awry).

The main events of the day were mindless testing, oddly productive and interesting meetings and drafting position papers (yeah, I'm re-using my consultancy skills again).

And, for a change, there were some pretty interesting news in my inbox when I got home (awfully late and dinner-less):

  • Firefox has hit 1.5. I got prompted to upgrade to it on just about every machine I use, so I assume it's generally available right now.
  • There's a lot of news: a new Security Update (2005-009) out, a Broadband Tuner for tweaking your TCP/IP stack, a new support page (here's a quick review too) and a bunch of Intel -as-TiVo rumors that keep referring to the  dock concept drawings that surfaced a while back (none of which I will believe until January).
  • The 9300i has been officially announced (although the FCC filings pretty much gave the game away). I like it a lot (and my works with it), but am beginning to think that the Series 80 range needs a very serious UI makeover. Since it took them nearly two years to acknowledge that the N-Gage tanked, I'll give them another two to revamp the UI...
  • The now has an RSS reader, WMA support and a few other tweaks - provided you upgrade to version 2.6. Although I haven't given up on buying a  for myself (yet), the is looking better and better...
  • VideoLAN also got updated to 0.8.4, which fixes the playlist sorting (and adds a few other UI tweaks).