Odd Monday Out

Had a bog-standard (if chilly Monday), filled with a bunch of meetings punctuated by a few bouts of e-mail pruning and document writing.

I also managed (to my amazement) to spend the whole day inside and , with several flawless suspend/resume cycles and a single charge (my has had its DVD player replaced by an extra battery, and last evening's fiddling with ACPI scripts and laptop-mode paid off handsomely).

My theory that all I need to do most of my work is a laptop I can run tests from and some sort of Network Computing solution to deal with is solidifying, although it's been a rather atypical few weeks (i.e., the pendulum is a tad on the testing side at the moment).

Being stuck in with no media resources, I caved to Bruno's pressure and resorted to last.fm for background music. I still don't get the catch (there has to be one), but the prospect of a nearly limitless music library on tap anywhere has some appeal...

In the meantime, one of my Amazon UK orders arrived, and I finally used the iSight with Delicious Library. Sheer bliss.

And now I'm going to stick my nose in a book, and maybe (just maybe) forget all about work for tonight.