World Domination, Take Two

As of today, this site has a Planet spin-off, where I hope to aggregate -centric European blogs. For now there's just the Four Geeks of the Apocalypse (myself, Melo, Nuno and Pedro), and you're welcome to check out the FAQ and drop me a line if you want in.

There's no grandiose plan behind this, no amazing high-tech coding - only a rather battered instance of Planet Planet, which, for now, I wrapped in Michael's K2 and some to hide some of the kludgy assumptions PP makes.

All things considered, I might well end up rewriting the whole thing in Cake or Rails one of these days, if only because I'd like finer control.

As always, time will tell.

Update: Carlos has some issues with the advertising on the sidebar, which I'd like to clear up right away before it escalates into the usual Portuguese attitude of criticising those who actually do something . Besides reading the updated FAQ, he should re-read the post he (incidentally, he's linked to a DNS alias that will vanish soon) - my issue is with inline advertising inside RSS feeds and the way some sites will insert advertisements inside your feed (or between feed items) when they re-publish it. I don't actually expect people to read the website in this age of RSS aggregators...

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