The RSS Feed Advert Nuisance

It's official, I've started waging war on RSS feeds that carry advertising, especially FeedBurner-proxied ones, which carry extra inline images.

Not only does this waste bandwidth to no end, it has started to put me off reading the news remotely, since my interface spends a lot of time rotating and resizing that crap to fit my phone screen.

My personal bet is that filtering RSS advertising will soon become as common in RSS aggregators as pop-up blocking is in browsers, and that commercial feeds are going to start pulling out all the stops soon by doing incredibly stupid things like trying to include IFRAMEs in feeds, rewriting feed links to point to advert-filled "landing pages" that you have to click-through to get at the actual content, etc.

But until that time comes, my current strategy is to strip out anything that links to (or downloads images from) a predefined list of URLs. So far, there's only one entry:*

I will be checking out the latest CVS and figuring out if this can be patched in cleanly (or else nix in my hosts file).

And yeah, I will probably go after people who are re-publishing my feed on their advert-ridden web aggregators next.

After I enjoy the sunny afternoon outside - one has to have a sense of priorities...

Minor Note For Searchers

Oh, and please stop searching the site for "free ringtones", "Nokia themes", "screensavers", "phone games" and other suchlike crap. There isn't any, unless you want to learn how to create your own SonyEricsson ones (and even that won't tell you all you need to create themes for the new models - yet).

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