Miscellaneous Fixes

Following up on rather hasty migration, I've been fixing some bugs and adding frequently-requested stuff, like a "blog-only" feed (in RSS and Atom formats - see the sidebar, or try auto-discover again).

Next up on my list are stuff like:

  • Adding some CSS to the RSS and Atom feeds to make them human-readable.
  • Fixing the transient Index bug (sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not).
  • Fixing Live Search to be a bit more comprehensive (maybe adding full-text search, now that I've got the horsepower).
  • Fixing the formatting in FullTextSearch results (which sucks, and badly needs some CSS for readability)
  • Adding text highlighting for external searches (so that referrals get their search terms neatly highlighted).
  • Adding a decent print-only stylesheet.

...and the list goes on, and on, and on...

Feel free to drop me a line with more suggestions.