Donating Hardware In Lisbon?

Okay, after disassembling my old server for spare parts, I decided to go through the boxes of old junk I had in storage and figure out what to give away. Upon going there, however, I ended up finding a lot more than what I bargained for...

So far, I've got:

  • A few ancient DIMM modules (some marked "8MB", to give you an idea).
  • Three or four AGP graphics cards from my Quake days, as well as an ancient Genoa Phantom 64 (remember that one?).
  • A few assorted network and I/O cards (some PCI, which I'm keeping, but there are a couple of ISA ones that might come in handy)
  • A couple of ancient Toshiba laptops (the 800x600, 32MB RAM kind) that I've given up trying to convert to picture frames (I simply don't have the time, and they're still intact and working).
  • And, finally, three PC boxes with old motherboards spanning three different generations of Pentium processors, one of which (the newest) has a shot power supply (and, possibly, worse).

Considering that hardware obsolescence is one of the main reasons I switched to the Mac years ago (and that I managed to get rid of a lot of old hardware in the meantime), it's not half bad.

I'd like to do the obviously right thing and donate all of this junk to some institution (a school, for instance) that can try and make use of it, so if you have any hints concerning whom I can contact to have this serve a better purpose, please leave me a note in the comments.

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