World Domination, Slightly Delayed

This is a public service announcement regarding Planet Tao of Mac.

After , countless patching on planet planet (since it broke down mysteriously every now and then) and the realization that I could simply outsource the whole thing with minor impact, I decided to pull the plug on running my own aggregator at Planet Tao of Mac and simply built a feed bundle on that does mostly the same thing (although I sorely miss the hackergotchis).

I tried using Yahoo Pipes to fiddle around with the feeds a bit and both inject the hackergotchis and add the author name to post titles, but in the end this was simply easier, and does a slightly better job at preserving (and often enriching) feed attributes than , so there shouldn’t be any real trouble with either getting the feeds themselves up-to-date or any content mangling.

Redirects have been set up for both the site and the feed, but there might be some teething issues while things propagate.

“Normal” programming should resume in a few hours, as I prepare to return to work tomorrow and try to make the best possible use of the limited few hours I’ve got (such as calling a great friend of mine whose birthday happens to be today).

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