Saturday Morning Reading

  • Firefox 1.1 Preview - I would be happy if they fixed the intermittent form submission bugs that have been around since 0.9, but this looks interesting. Update: The bug I'm referring to consists of Firefox refusing to submit simple forms. The browser does not generate any traffic, and yet displays "Waiting for (site name)" in its status bar (this is most noticeable in Windows, but I've had it happen on other platforms). I have seen no traces of this bug in Bugzilla.
  • Deconstructing Maui X-Stream - everything you need to know about the guys who ripped off PearPC, and then some.
  • Musings on the PowerPC juggernaut - this is being mis-quoted all over the place as "will port Windows to the PowerPC?" (DUH!, it already did, that was the whole point of 's portability - I use the old PowerPC, Alpha and MIPS MSDN CDs as coasters), but shines some light onto the great success the PowerPC is enjoying in special purpose devices - Motorola, for one, is losing oodles of money to in the embedded space, and Intel knows this is happening.
  • Ben Goodger's post on the /KHTML spats, which spawned much controversy (and misinterpretation), is actually pretty level-headed and straightforward. As usual, going to the source is much more enlightening than following the Slashdot debates.
  • The BBC Backstage APIs are mind-blowing - not by the detail or (still rather sparse) functionality, but by the mind-set behind such openness.
  • GPS fun on mobile phones - at last, an interesting use of for the Series 60. Now all I have to do is wait for Maps to cover our neck of the woods.
  • In Portuguese: Jonasnuts, - the female (and tech) perspective. Fortunately, not so much of a rarity anymore.
  • Nuno is doing an easier API for Flickr. If Perl is your thing, hop on over.

Software Updates

  • is now officially at 2.0, and, as usual, I'm using Lite for testing feeds (and I still encourage people to try out ).
  • Elgato EyeTV software is now at 1.8. The reason I mention this without even owning one is that it not only has H.264 export support, but and presets as well, which is an indication they know what they are doing. If you're looking for something to turn the into a home media center/PVR, this is probably it (personally, I'll wait until the DVB mess is sorted out here in Portugal, which will probably take years).
  • MidpSSH (which has been working great on my and new SonyEricsson phones) has been updated to 1.4.2.
  • There is a new version of Agile Messenger out (3.5), which runs on newer Series 60 phones like the 3230 and the 6680 (both of which are, of course - thanks to Murphy's law - lying in my office desk drawer).
  • The official 4.6 release of the Cisco VPN Client for was apparently posted on CIO yesterday, but I haven't confirmed it yet. Get yours from your friendly Cisco rep - it will be much easier than filling out the umpteen crypto export restriction forms...

Miscellaneous Updates

Besides minor tweaks to my CSS/Techniques page, I've updated my on Enabling PHP on Mac OS X for (it's mostly the same, but I've confirmed it) and added a short one on Installing DokuWiki on Tiger for those less technically-minded.

Oh, and it's a beautiful sunny day outside, of which I intend to take full advantage after lunch. I suggest you do the same.