Saturday Night Coding

Refreshed by the excellent weather and with a relatively free agenda, I've started splitting my (very limited) coding efforts along three different fronts:

  • Migrating this site to the hosted server. A quick db4-based clone is already running there, and I'm patiently pruning bits and pieces (the site was due for an overhaul anyway, and the CVS section, for one, is going down the drain). You'd be amazed at how many "quick fixes" end up being permanent sores, and I'm now trying to squash one of the oldest, hardest to reproduce bugs that linger in my particular (and very patchy) PhpWiki customization.
  • As a follow-up to my brief DokuWiki investigation, I tried wrapping Michael's K2 around it, and in the process found that, while being easy to theme and with very readable and easy to undestand code, DokuWiki isn't very object-oriented - and my brain simply can't do standard procedural programming anymore, so I'll definitely be "just a user".
  • My NewWikiMigration is fast becoming an uphill struggle, since it turns out 's HTML editing features are sub-par when compared to Firefox. Without getting into the ugly details, that means that I can't realistically have full cross-browser WYSIWYG editing, and to keep the ball rolling I have to go back to the drawing board and pick some sort of markup (although I will try to store everything in XML or HTML format).

And between and , I've started leaning towards , since after I started using it at BaseCamp it became second nature. Still, given my Wiki's internal design, I can certainly try to use both.

I will probably churn out a long, boring set of design notes as things progress. Incidentally, Jeremy Rouston is hard at work on yet another TiddlyWiki release, and one of the features he's considering is... an RSS feed. Wow. Now that is coding.

Which reminds me, I was supposed to fiddle with DHTML collapsible toolbars and see whether they would be a good addition to TiddlyWiki. Hmmm.

Too bad that is also limited in what regards saving TiddlyWikis, otherwise I'd be all over GTDTiddlyWiki (I'm using it at work under Firefox, and I guess it's time I looked into making an SSL-wrapped back-end for it...)

So much interesting stuff to do, so little free time...