Cursory Links

I'm off to Madrid tomorrow at dawn on a let's-not-talk-about-it kind of corporate errand, so I'll stick to the basics:

  • Via João Bordalo (and our mailing-list), an amazing vision of the future of media. Definitely not to be missed.
  • Nuno is still in that ecstatic state associated with having a brand new G5 (grrr), but has kept his wits about him long enough to draft a couple (1, 2) of nice HOWTOs on sharing and libraries the way the gods intended it to be. I'd rather throw everything into a box and run a DAAP server (haven't yet had the time to mod my and put down one of my noisy PCs), but the solution is neat and effective.
  • The eMac makes worst product of the year. I would think it's a bargain no matter how limited it is - but then again, PC Magazine is not what I would call unbiased.
  • The Engadget Last Minute Holiday Gadget Gift Guide is a fascinating example of how utterly strange and geeky gift guides can be. Which reminds me, check my post if you're considering offering a mobile phone this year.
  • OpenOffice has made available a preview of its 2.0 version. Still no support (more about that here), but it looks nice. Maybe it will actually be usable this time.
  • Here's a nice rundown of the business.
  • And one of the first public mentions of a new pie-in-the-sky EU proposal for operators to retain customer data. The original consultation was rather tame, but several people pointed out it was so because there was no real knowledge of how to approach the issue. Now that there is, it appears to be a "can't we keep it all?" approach (there are other documents - some not so tame - making the rounds on EU member states). Remember the last time a clueless family member asked you how you could "save the Internet to my hard disk"?
  • Finally, a spot of humor. Here's a precious case from Middle Earth - Absolutely hilarious, even down to the disclaimer: Competing interests: We are all of short stature and have very large, hairy feet.

Hobbits tend to be rather sane when compared to this world of ours.