Bluetooth HID Support in Mac OS X 10.3.5

Well, it looks like I will be installing 10.3.5 before the dust settles. Mobilewhack has found out that now supports the HID profile in mobile phones (one of my pet gripes when I was testing the and the ), which means I'll never need a presentation controller again - that is, as soon as I get GA firmware on one.

For the non-geek in the audience, this means you can now control your without any sort of third-party software - the phone acts as your mouse and (selected bits of) your keyboard, mapping the phone keyboard to predefined keys according to a HID profile (SonyEricsson bundles three predefined profiles with their new phones - Desktop, Presenter and MediaPlayer, if I recall correctly, all with Windows key bindings).

The übergeek in the audience are free to pore over my notes on HID profiles and try to hack their own - later on, I'll be trying to get the Command keycode straight and creating a profile to control . Watch this space.

Update: the Sailing Clicker guys have released a controller pack called Remote Basics that includes controllers for controllers for , EyeTV, DVD Player, VLC, , and , therefore saving me the trouble. So I might end up making controllers for other apps instead.